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Guild Rules

Post by Elgy on Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:32 am

To join The Agents you must be level 300+

The Agent's guarantees a harassment free environment, if there is harassment occurring within the guild, please contact Elgy, or post in the Harassment section. If a user is harassing you that is NOT in The Agents, I cannot do anything about it so please consult the official HH forum at: and navigate to Report Player/Abuse.

In this guild there is a Council, which consists of Four Members of the Guild. This council will vote on suggestions in the group and advise the Guild Commander whether or not to allow a change in the guild.

This council also holds the power to vote for a user to be banned, unbanned, demoted, promoted, etc.

Overall the Guild Commander can choose to not allow a decision despite the Council's vote, but can be over-ruled by a majority vote of Guild Members.

In this Guild there is no hacking, begging, scamming, or false reporting.

If you see a user harassing you, or breaking any of these rules, please provide a screenshot as evidence. Before a decision is made, both users will be allowed to share their side of the story, and the Council will discuss it and the Guild Commander will present the result soon after.

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